Lamp Offering

Brightening all directions;
In Buddha's presence;
Shining from the heart.

As light dispels darkness, offering a lamp represents a wish to remove the darkness of ignorance to give rise to clarity and wisdom. We make offerings to accumulate merit, not because Buddha desires offerings. Through the accumulation of merit we can remove the veil of ignorance to gain Buddha’s luminous wisdom. A lamp offering carries the wish to attain Buddhahood and the aspiration to recognize the clear light at the time of death, leading to liberation. The lamas at KTC-NJ perform liturgies twice daily, including the lamp offering honorees in their prayers.

Lamps may be sponsored on behalf of others as well as for oneself or one’s family. A lamp offering can be given as

  • A gift for a birthday, holiday, graduation or other joyful occasion
  • In memory of a loved one who has passed away
  • As a blessing for someone facing sickness or other difficulties
  • To create an auspicious connection for a marriage or birth

If you wish to make a lamp offering on behalf of another person, please include his or her name and address on the Lamp Offering Form and we will send an acknowledgement.

To make a lamp offering, please print and complete the Lamp Offering Form:

Categories of Lamp Offerings:

  • Special lamp offering during dharma teaching or retreat
    Price: $108
  • 49 day lamp offering for the deceased
    Price: $150
  • Medicine Buddha light offering per person
    Price: $60
  • Medicine Buddha crystal lamp offering per person or family (up to 10 people)
    Price: $360
  • Main Shrine Mahakala lotus lamp offering for removal of obstacles
    Price: $500
  • Tie suai light offering (per person)
    Price: $60

* When paying online, please also print the Lamp Offering Form and mail to us.